Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The History of Hajduszoboszlo

The history of Hajduszoboszlo goes back to the period when our ancerstors, the Magyars arrived in the Carpathian Basin at the end of the 9th century. Although we lack the archeological artifacts it can be taken for sure that the arriving tribes settled in this fertile land due to the positive characteristics of the area.
The town was first referred to in writing in 1075, in the time of I Géza, when he defined the amount of money the market place Szoboszlóvásár had to pay as a tax.

The area of Hajduszoboszlo used to belong to the Debreczeni family. Other lords of the town included the famous Hunyadi János - the winning hero at Nandorfejervar, and his wife Szilágyi Erzsébet. Later the Turkish troops occupied and distroyed in the town in 1552 and the Cremean Tatars finished the killings off in 1594.

The area did not remain uninhabited for a long time because at the beginning of the 17th century 700 hajdus (special armed cowboys) were settled and the town soon started to develop. It was granted the right to have a market and other priviledges. But before it would have regained its greatness the black series started again with the war of independence led by II Rákóczi Ferenc.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The History of Hajduszoboszlo - Gastronomy

Bika étterem - Resturant to the Bull

In 1857 the first train arrived at the Hajduszoboszlo Railway Station and with it a new period began in the life of the town. The locals watched the iron machine and the new people coming to the town in admiration.
The increased flow of visitors made the magistrates consider building  new public houses that can satisfy the freshly emerging needs. 
By 1860 it was clear that a high quality building was badly needed where the prominent official guests to the town could be accommodated and entertained. The construction was started and soon a modern building was erected, which gained its present form in 1871. Contrary to its name - the Little Bull - it was the third largest house in Hajduszoboszlo following the Council House and the Reformed School. It differed from the old, existing buildings in size, appearance and quality. On the ground floor there were shops and a taproom and upstairs the guest rooms and an enormous restaurant. It was not only a hotel and a restaurant but a community centre too, where balls, theatrical preformances and other events of cultural importance took place.

Nowadays it is called the Nelson, named after the famous admiral. It is a resturant and a confectionery. The restaurant is designed in the style of the dock of Lord Nelsons battleship. The confecionery looks like the admiral's apartment might have been. Here you can choose from more than 60 different cakes, coffe and icecream specialities.
The unique surroundings and the delicious food makes it worth to visit this fantastic place in the middle of Hajduszoboszlo in Hősök tere.It is open every day from 7am to midnight.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Day of the Hungarian Culture

We have been celebrating the Hungarian Culture on 22nd January since 1989 in order to remember that according to the manuscript Ferenc Kölcsey the famous poet finished writing the National Athemn of Hungary on this very day in 1823.
The anniversary is celebrated nationwide. On this day there is a special attention paid to our traditions, the roots of the Magyars, who have been around at least 1100 years in the Carpathian Basin. It is a good time to enhance the national consciousness in the people of Hungary, to show off and hand on the knowledge and inheritance of our ancestors to our children. It is a day with various cultural events all around the country and awarding prizes to artists, teachers and ohers who have done a lot to achive these objects.
In Hajduszoboszlo the programmes are organised in the above mentioned sprit too. They include two performances in Kovács Máté Community Centre (Szilfákalja út 2) At 10 am the puppet version of the tale of  Cinerella is on, and in the evening from 18 pm there is a music and literature programme.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To the Attention of our Slovakian Readers

One of the biggest and most prominent tourism shows of Slovakia the ITF Slovakiatour is organised in Bratislava between 19th-22nd January 2012. It enables the professionals and the everyday visitors to have a comprehensive insight into travel and vacation in and outside Slovakia. You can see the offers of domestic and foreing travel agencies and tourist boards.

Apart from about 400 other exhibitors the town of Hajduszoboszlo will aslo be present at the fair represented by TDM. We will have a 100 square-meter stand where you can learn about the town's most popular sight the Hungarospa Complex as well as accommodation and other places of interest. So why not make use of the special offers and book your holiday for 2012!
See you in Hajduszoboszlo soon...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The five-Star Hungarospa Bathing Complex expects you even in January

The Hungarospa Bathing Complex was awarded 5-Star Qualificated Adventure Bath last month. With this acknowledgement the Hajduszoboszlo Bathing Complex is the first one in Hungary that has gained the recognition of the most renowned technical board, the Hungarian Spa and Bathing Association.

Now you can enjoy the services of the best Hungarian Adventure Bath at a discount rate! Try the water palace, with the tematic pools of the Roman Bath, the Ganges Pool, the Tropical Bath and so on. Strenghten your immunie system in the different sauna cabins free of charge so that you don't get ill in the freezing January weather. Get into shape with the help of the spinning or kangoo sessions or help yourself to a treat on the massage-table. 
 In the period between 09 January and 09-March 2012 the Hungarospa has special offers to the visitors of the Bathing Complex:
  • The entrance ticket to the covered areas entitles you to use the Sauna World free of charge!
  • Baby swimming lessons, and baby massage are 20% off the regular price!
  • And the allowance for the regulars is doubled, which means that they can enjoy the faboulous Hungarospa Complex 20% cheaper!