Monday, December 26, 2011

Programmes of the New Year's Festive Season in and around Hajduszoboszlo

Apart from the basic services offered by Hungarospa Bathing Complex the town of Hajduszoboszlo has other musts on the last days of 2011 to make your stay more memorable.

Debrecen is the second town where the world-famous band, Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orcherstra - also called The100 Gypsy Violins - have their grand concert on their year-end tour. This event will be unforgettable for the lovers of music with its pieces of Hungarian and international music performed in a way that is typical of this unique Orchestra. Come and be part of the magic! Get enchanted by music by Brahms, Erkel, Monti, Strauss and many other famous composers at 7 pm, on 27th December in the Great Hall of Kölcsey Központ Debrecen. 

If you don't want to travel as far as Debrecen why not go and see the "Szilveszteri Csergetés" in the afternoon on New Years Eve. This program is organised to remember the times when  in 1559 on this very day the conquering Turkish Troops of the Sultan tried to attack the town and kill and rob the people but the brave wrangles managed to chase them away by whipping their lashes and making a horrible noise with their cowbells. To keep the memories alive modern wranglers pack off the "evil forces" and celebrate the victory.  People can see concerts and dance and admire the fireworks (at 6 pm.) and the perfromance of fire artists and so on during the last day and night of 2011. It all begins at 5 pm. on Hősök Tere Hajduszoboszlo.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Hajduszoboszlo

If you were here now...

you would feel this beuatiful Christmas, just like we do.

We send our Christmas Wishes from Hajduszoboszlo!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sights: The Council House Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo is an old town, it has had its Council House for centuries. The history of even the present building goes back to the beginning of the 1800s when the the leaders of the town decided that the old building was no longer suitable for giving home to the Council. So they asked Cornelius Rabl an architect from Debrecen, the builder of the Reformed Church to make a plan for a new, bigger and more beautiful building. The foundation stone was laid in 1818. It took 3 years to build it with the last step of constructing the furnaces made of mud as that time the rooms were heated using straw and dry cobs. The new building housed not only the officies and the huge Council Room but the lockup as well.

The Councy House got its present form in 1896, in the year of the millenium of the arrival of Magyar and Hun tribes to the present territory of Hungary. It was the time when the fourth section of the building facing the Rákóczi street was added, forming the facade that can be seen even today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sights in Hajduszoboszlo 2

Before going to in the direction of the town centre it would be a good idea to have drink from the Well of Love. (on the right)

Or you can see a modern statue called "The symbol of growing" created by László Szabó the artist known all over Europe who is also a native to the town of Hajduszoboszlo.

The name of the park where these statues can be found is Szent István (Saint Stephen) Park. It was named after our state founding king, who lived around 1000. Its ancient oaks and thousand of birds make this place worth visiting if you seek peace and tranquility.

If you follow Szilfákalja út, you get to the Culture House that is sourrounded by the Millenium Statutes' Park which was founded in 2001. At the moment you can see two statues here. The "Flying fish" was created by Szabó László, and the other "Kútfők" by Győri László. Each year a new statue is planned to be added to the Park.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December in Hajduszoboszlo

The town of Hajduszoboszlo offers intrestring programmes in December for its visitors. This period is a perfect time for regenerítion, healing and wellness treatments before Christmas. Apart from enjoying the Hungarospa services you can experience other types of festive programmes. The events of course focus on Christmas - both traditions and music. And you can find special offers when booking accommodation. Come and have fun in Hajduszoboszlo.


Christmas preparations for children and families

The town of Hajduszoboszlo organises its well-known 'Children Christmas'. On 10th Dec. the kids can try their hands at artisan programmes just like making candles and straw ornaments. They can see The Little Match Girl by Andersen performed by the Studio of Debrecen Theatre from 2 oclock, and listen to Chiristmas music and nativity folk songs.

Take your child by the hand and experience a typical Hungarian Christmas preparation at Kovács Máté Culure Centre, Hajdúszoboszló Szilfákalja 2.

Christmas for Everyone on 16th December
This traditionally organised programme at Kovács Máté Culture Centre is trying to keep old Christmas customs alive. It starts at 1 oclock in the building of the Library with decorating a huge pine tree. It is followed by plays, performances, music shows by the pupils of the local elementary schools. There also will be majorette and folk dance groups.

During the day you can have hot tea, mulled wine and pogácsa - a traditional Hungarian cake.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sights in Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo is situated in in north part of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 kms from the capital, Budapest and 20 kms from the county town of Debrecen. It is famous for not only its spa and bathing-centre but the beatiful sights of the town. So let's go for a walk and see what it can offer for those who want a change after spending relaxing days on the premises of Hungarospa.

Let's start our walk from the neighbourhood of the coach station, where near the bathing complex we can see the statue of Ferenc Pávai Vajna among beautiful flowers. He was the person who found the spa back at the beginning of the 20th century. Click here for some history of the bathing culture in Hajduszoboszlo.

From the statue you can see the buildings of the Hungarospa Bathing Compex. It is a good idea to stroll around the area or have a rest in the park becuase there are so many fascingating things to see here.

Don't miss the fabulous Harangház - House of Bells. It was erected by architect Zoltán Racz and it gives home to almost fifty bells of different sizes.
The bells were donated to the town of Hajduszoboszlo by Edit Oborzil a native artist to the town and her husband Tibor Jeney.
They are elaborately made of a special aluminium alloy. The so called peace-bells have wonderfully clanging sounds thanks to the different gaps slashed into their body.

These pieces of art are marked as world-patened ones. Their beauty is enhanced by the little ponds, streams and rock-gardens in the neighbourhood. You can also see symbols and carved totem poles refering to the history and myths of the Magyars, for example the Turul, the mythical bird, the Tree of Life, the Miraculous Deer.

After listening to the carillon you can get refreshed by the babble of the water fountain. Then why not have a walk around the hystory-pole decorated with reliefs that was set up in 1975 on the 900th annivesary of the event when Hajduszoboszlo was mentioned in writing for the first time! Find Bocskai (famous Hungarian nobleman from the second part of the 16th century) and his soldiers the "hajdu"-s. Our town, Hajduszoboszlo was named after them...