Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Medieval Festival in Hajduszoboszlo

On 14tlh July it is the fourt time that the Medieval Festival is organised in Hajduszoboszlo.

The aim of this event is to show the weapons of the time: what they looked like, how they were used. Naturally the warriors wear authentic clothes during the shows and there also will be a medieval market place where all kinds of things can be seen and tried:
  • you can eat food that our ancestors might have eaten
  • you can buy hand-made products
  • children can try old folk games.

 The details of the the program:

18.00 - The arrival of the participants, opening of the event
18.20 - Projectile weapons
18.35 - Medieval dances
18.45 - Archery from the time of the Conquest (our ancestors, the Magyars arrived in the land of Hungary in 896)
19.00 - Buhurt - warriors with swords take part in a joust
19.15 - Mangonel show -how this special siege-machine works
19.25 - Music by Bordósárkány band
19.45 - Siege
20.00 - Dances from the 14 th century
20.15 - Artillery demonstration
20.25 - Renaissance dances
20.35 - Infantry duels
20.55 - Music by Bordósárkány band
21.20 - Siege at dusk
21.35 - Music by Bordósárkány band
22.00 - Closing the Gates

For nice pictures and videos of the earlier Festival check out: www.medievealfestival.hu


Where can you see all these musts?
 In the parking lot behind Aldi shopping centre
47.4361,21.381884 - Hajdúszoboszló
Kabai útfél, in the direction of Tesco and Aldi

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