Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hajduszoboszlo Open-Air-Bath

The bathing town of Hajduszoboszlo is an attractive holiday destination not only for those suffering from medical problems but also for healthy people may they be families with children, groups of teenagers, or adults.

From 1st May to 30th September you can enjoy 13 pools in the 30-hectare land of the Open-Air-Bath.

Some of the pools in Hajduszoboszlo Open-Air-Bath:


Having fun in Hajduszoboszlo Wave-pool


Relaxing in Hajduszoboszlo bubble-bath is a real treat


With its 6200 m2 of surface Hajduszoboszlo Mediterranian Seaside is Europe's biggest constucted pool. The sandy beaches and the palm trees make you feel on a real seaside.

Be careful! The pirates are launching an attack on the unsuspecting swimmers


The children enjoy playing with the toy animals situated in the pools

At the rear of the Open-Air-Bath there is a separated island for nudists.

...but of that I'm not going to show you any pictures... :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Medical Spa - the medical effects of the water

In 1925 during a drilling for oil thermal water was found in Hajduszoboszlo, which soon turned out to have benficial effects. People bathing in the water found that their rheumatic problems eased or disappeared, and their wounds healed more quickly and easily.
Soon the medical effects of the water were scientifically proved and the healing work started in Hajduszoboszlo.
By now we have learnt that the water has positive effects in the following cases:

  • Acute muscle pains
  • Rehabilitation from injures
  • Chronic joint inflammation
  • Degenerative joint problems
  • Acute inflammatory degenerative problems of spine
  • Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system
  • Follow - up treatment from any paralyses.
  • Healing broken bones
  • Acute skin problems
  • Chronic gynaecological problems
  • Infertility
But you shouldn't get treated here if you suffer from any of the below problems:
  • Cancer
  • Epidemy
  • Inflammatory deseased
  • Tuberculosis
  • Circulatory disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Illness of the central nervous system
  • or you are preagnant.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to get to Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo, in the north-east part of the Great Hungarian Plain is easily accessible by car, train, coach and even by air.

It lies by Road 4 so if you come by car or a tourist bus one possibility is to follow Route 4/E60. If you choose this direction it takes about 3 hours to get to Hajduszoboszlo from Budapest. You might want to spend less time travelling, take the M3 and then after about 180 kms look for the signs for Debrecen and turn onto E79/M35. Though this way is about 30 kms longer, you can reach your destination 30 minutes earlier. And don't forget about the toll!

View Larger Map Budapest - Hajduszoboszlo

If you come by train, take the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony line. All the express trains stop at Hajduszoboszlo. There are 6 intercity trains and 2 international ones. During the summer there is a direct connection to Lake Balaton. If you are in to details you can find the exact timetables of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) here.

If you come from further abroad you might come by air. Maybe you will arrive at Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest, or Debrecen Airport. Hajduszoboszlo even has its own airport where small planes can land.

Debrecen Airport

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cultural programmes in Hajduszoboszlo

In this post I want to call your attention to a very famous event around Hajduszoboszlo in August:

The week of flowers - Flower Carnival in Debrecen 2011

The town of Debrecen is only a half-an-hour-drive from Hajduszoboszlo.If you are having your holiday between 15th and 21th August don't miss the chance to visit this popular parade.

The Flower Carnival has a history of over one hundred years. In 1900 the Debreczen Civil Bicycle Association organised a bicycle competition the highlight of which was a large-scale flower corso. Since 1966 the event has taken place yearly. Now the carnival is a spectacular event with beautiful flower cars and dance groups coming from Debrecen, her sister cities and other countries as well.
Apart from the parade of the flower compositions and performers there will be lots to see including:
Flower arrangement competition, Clean Yard - Tidy House – Award Ceremony, Debrecen Youth Orchestra and Majorette Group, Childen’s programmes, Folk dance with 650 dancers, Carnival hair-show, Knights’ tournament, Festival Garden, Cuban salsa show,Charity Noodle Festival for the Feeding Kids Foundation, Raising the national flag with military saluting, Bike marching, Firework, Street party, Photo exhibition, Cactus exhibition and fair, Car and Motorshow, Hot Air Balloon Competition etc.
For more details check out

The Flower Carnival groups come to Hajduszoboszlo on 18th August. You can see them at the Community Centre from 19.00.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sporting programmes for you

Here I have collected some August programmes in Hajduszoboszlo that might be interesting for you:


Time: 8.00-12.00 27th Aug 2011
Venue: Airport Hajduszoboszlo

The aim of this traditional event is to make it possible for the locals and the tourist having their summer holday in the town to do some sport and to compete.
If you are interested you can enter as an idividual, as a group or family, you can be an amateur or a professional runner.
The event is organized by the Town Council, so you can enter the competition in the Town Hall (1 Hősök tere, Hajduszoboszlo) in Room 25. The deadline is noon 26th. Other options for entering:, 36+ 52/557301 (telefeax)
There is a fee of entering (HUF 500 for adult, HUF 300for students) which is payable at the time of the competition. If you enter immediately before the event double price is charged.

Prizes: entrance tickets to the Aquapark and spa, goblets, medals and others.


Time: 8.00 - 20th August 2011
Venue: Sports Hall - Kossuth utca, Hajduszoboszlo

The contact person f torhis event is Kelemen József at 36+ 30/9952440

The championship is free of charge. Gym shoes are needed.


Time: 25-27th August, 2011
Venue: Spa - 1-3 Szent István Park, Hajduszoboszlo

The 3-day long boxing event is organised by Hajduszoboszlo Papp Laszlo Boxingacademy to pay tribute to the famous Hungarian sportsman, Papp László.
Three years ago there was an appointment for teams from Hungary and England. Last year there were competitors from six countries.
This year the Memorials is to be visited by the family of the late Papp László, olimpicons, ex-boxing champions and other public figures.

The boxing championship is organized to pay tribute to the famous Hungarian sportsman, Papp László.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Programmes in August

The bathing town of Hajduszoboszlo is waiting for you and your family in the last month of the summer, too. Make Hajduszoboszlo your destination. Come, have a great time and see one of our superb programmes.

Sporting events in August:

  • Table tennis championship (Gönczy Pál Elementary School - whole month, finals on 20th Aug)

  • Outdoors five-a-side football championship (Thököly Imre ElementaryShool-whole month, finals on 20th Aug)

  • XXX. Kösely Cup Horse Race (7th Aug, Airport)

  • 2nd Papp László International Memorial Boxing Contest (25-27th Aug, Spa)

  • International open foottennis championship (27-28th Aug, parking lot in front of Árpád Swimming Pool)

  • Aquarunning - Aquapark foot-race (27th Aug, Airport)

Cultural events:

  • 15th Szoboszlo Dixieland Days (5-7tj Aug, Openair Stage)

  • Horse Parade (18.30 6th Aug, from Bocskai utca to Pávai Vajna utca)

  • Flower Carnival in Debrecen (15-21th Aug, Debrecen)

  • Flower Carnival groups come to Hajduszoboszlo (19.00 18th Aug, Community Centre)

  • concerts:

  • Dobrády Ákos (20.30 12th Aug, Openair Stage)

  • PG Csoport (20.30 18th Aug, 9 József Attila utca - Openair Stage)

  • Republic (20.30 19th Aug, Spa)

  • Folk songs (20.00 21th Aug, 9 József Attila utca - Openair Stage)

  • Fásy Mulató (19.00 27th Aug, Fesztivál tér, 1-3 Szent István Park

St Stepehn's day 20th of August - Town celebration of the nation founder Stephen I. and the new bread

This day is a bank holiday in Hungary, because the foundation of the 1000-year-old Hungarian state is celebrated.
All over the country there are programmes. The shops are closed, buses, trains etc run by the weekend timetable.
In Hajduszoboszlo the celebration programmes take place on and around the Openair Stage.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hungarospa - Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo is one of the most famous bathing towns in Hungary. It attracts people not only from the country, but from all over Europe.
This all began on 25th October 1925 when a thermal spring was found in Hajduszoboszlo. The 73 C water came from a depth of 1091 metres and it soon turned out have curing effects.
The brown, silky, hot treasure of the depth flooded all the surrounding pits, and the people after the first shock started to bathe and wash in it. Their surprise grew because they noticed that the water worked wonder. Their wounds healed more easily and their rheumatic pains lightened.
The story that started more than eighty years ago has grown from literally puddles into a bathing complex by now.
The Hungarospa Complex consists of the Medical Spa, the Open Air Bath, the Aquapark and the Aquapalace.

It is not only a medical and wellness centre, but also a place for cultural events like concerts, shows and beauty contests.