Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Meeting of Hajdu Towns

It is the 17th time that the Meeting of the Hajdu Towns is organised.

It takes place on 29th June, 2012 on the Open Air Stage (9 Jozsef Attila Street, Hajduszoboszlo)

The aim of this day is to remember the ancestors of the residents of the area: the Hajdus.

Originally they were people who looked after animals but they were also good with weapons so they played a great part in protecting their lands and people.

During the days of the Meeting historical Hajdu traditions are remembered, kept alive and shown with the help of music.

The event begins on the Main Street of Hajduszoboszlo with a horse parade, then it is followed by the performances of majorette groups, choirs, brass bands, modern and folk dance groups and theater groups.

On the two-day long event apart from Hajduszoboszlo, the town of Hajdunanas and Hajduboszormeny will be represented too.

The programmes start at 7 pm 29th June. The admission is free.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Celebration of the Sun - Let's Dance Through the Night

23rd June 2012

Midsummer Night

It's been a tradition for centuries to light fires at Midsummer Night to chase away the evil with the help of the light. It is the shortest night of the year and there are fairies around and the lonely ones find love. If couples (separately one after the other or together) jump over the fire it will bring them luck. All the things done on this very day were thought to bring fertility and happiness.

The programmes in Hajduszoboszló don't go back to the pagan or Christian traditions but you can find a lot of interesting events from 8 pm.

The music is by Party Band, and the star guests are Jennifer Szirota and Erika Zoltán.
You can enjoy the show by the Majorette Team and the Copacabana Brazilian Carneval Dance Club.
Misticism is represented by Lifeforce Community: astrology, numerology, cards, love predictions, healing stones and minerals.

See you at 8 on Saturday!!
The programmes are free of charge.