Monday, December 26, 2011

Programmes of the New Year's Festive Season in and around Hajduszoboszlo

Apart from the basic services offered by Hungarospa Bathing Complex the town of Hajduszoboszlo has other musts on the last days of 2011 to make your stay more memorable.

Debrecen is the second town where the world-famous band, Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orcherstra - also called The100 Gypsy Violins - have their grand concert on their year-end tour. This event will be unforgettable for the lovers of music with its pieces of Hungarian and international music performed in a way that is typical of this unique Orchestra. Come and be part of the magic! Get enchanted by music by Brahms, Erkel, Monti, Strauss and many other famous composers at 7 pm, on 27th December in the Great Hall of Kölcsey Központ Debrecen. 

If you don't want to travel as far as Debrecen why not go and see the "Szilveszteri Csergetés" in the afternoon on New Years Eve. This program is organised to remember the times when  in 1559 on this very day the conquering Turkish Troops of the Sultan tried to attack the town and kill and rob the people but the brave wrangles managed to chase them away by whipping their lashes and making a horrible noise with their cowbells. To keep the memories alive modern wranglers pack off the "evil forces" and celebrate the victory.  People can see concerts and dance and admire the fireworks (at 6 pm.) and the perfromance of fire artists and so on during the last day and night of 2011. It all begins at 5 pm. on Hősök Tere Hajduszoboszlo.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Hajduszoboszlo

If you were here now...

you would feel this beuatiful Christmas, just like we do.

We send our Christmas Wishes from Hajduszoboszlo!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sights: The Council House Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo is an old town, it has had its Council House for centuries. The history of even the present building goes back to the beginning of the 1800s when the the leaders of the town decided that the old building was no longer suitable for giving home to the Council. So they asked Cornelius Rabl an architect from Debrecen, the builder of the Reformed Church to make a plan for a new, bigger and more beautiful building. The foundation stone was laid in 1818. It took 3 years to build it with the last step of constructing the furnaces made of mud as that time the rooms were heated using straw and dry cobs. The new building housed not only the officies and the huge Council Room but the lockup as well.

The Councy House got its present form in 1896, in the year of the millenium of the arrival of Magyar and Hun tribes to the present territory of Hungary. It was the time when the fourth section of the building facing the Rákóczi street was added, forming the facade that can be seen even today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sights in Hajduszoboszlo 2

Before going to in the direction of the town centre it would be a good idea to have drink from the Well of Love. (on the right)

Or you can see a modern statue called "The symbol of growing" created by László Szabó the artist known all over Europe who is also a native to the town of Hajduszoboszlo.

The name of the park where these statues can be found is Szent István (Saint Stephen) Park. It was named after our state founding king, who lived around 1000. Its ancient oaks and thousand of birds make this place worth visiting if you seek peace and tranquility.

If you follow Szilfákalja út, you get to the Culture House that is sourrounded by the Millenium Statutes' Park which was founded in 2001. At the moment you can see two statues here. The "Flying fish" was created by Szabó László, and the other "Kútfők" by Győri László. Each year a new statue is planned to be added to the Park.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December in Hajduszoboszlo

The town of Hajduszoboszlo offers intrestring programmes in December for its visitors. This period is a perfect time for regenerítion, healing and wellness treatments before Christmas. Apart from enjoying the Hungarospa services you can experience other types of festive programmes. The events of course focus on Christmas - both traditions and music. And you can find special offers when booking accommodation. Come and have fun in Hajduszoboszlo.


Christmas preparations for children and families

The town of Hajduszoboszlo organises its well-known 'Children Christmas'. On 10th Dec. the kids can try their hands at artisan programmes just like making candles and straw ornaments. They can see The Little Match Girl by Andersen performed by the Studio of Debrecen Theatre from 2 oclock, and listen to Chiristmas music and nativity folk songs.

Take your child by the hand and experience a typical Hungarian Christmas preparation at Kovács Máté Culure Centre, Hajdúszoboszló Szilfákalja 2.

Christmas for Everyone on 16th December
This traditionally organised programme at Kovács Máté Culture Centre is trying to keep old Christmas customs alive. It starts at 1 oclock in the building of the Library with decorating a huge pine tree. It is followed by plays, performances, music shows by the pupils of the local elementary schools. There also will be majorette and folk dance groups.

During the day you can have hot tea, mulled wine and pogácsa - a traditional Hungarian cake.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sights in Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo is situated in in north part of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 kms from the capital, Budapest and 20 kms from the county town of Debrecen. It is famous for not only its spa and bathing-centre but the beatiful sights of the town. So let's go for a walk and see what it can offer for those who want a change after spending relaxing days on the premises of Hungarospa.

Let's start our walk from the neighbourhood of the coach station, where near the bathing complex we can see the statue of Ferenc Pávai Vajna among beautiful flowers. He was the person who found the spa back at the beginning of the 20th century. Click here for some history of the bathing culture in Hajduszoboszlo.

From the statue you can see the buildings of the Hungarospa Bathing Compex. It is a good idea to stroll around the area or have a rest in the park becuase there are so many fascingating things to see here.

Don't miss the fabulous Harangház - House of Bells. It was erected by architect Zoltán Racz and it gives home to almost fifty bells of different sizes.
The bells were donated to the town of Hajduszoboszlo by Edit Oborzil a native artist to the town and her husband Tibor Jeney.
They are elaborately made of a special aluminium alloy. The so called peace-bells have wonderfully clanging sounds thanks to the different gaps slashed into their body.

These pieces of art are marked as world-patened ones. Their beauty is enhanced by the little ponds, streams and rock-gardens in the neighbourhood. You can also see symbols and carved totem poles refering to the history and myths of the Magyars, for example the Turul, the mythical bird, the Tree of Life, the Miraculous Deer.

After listening to the carillon you can get refreshed by the babble of the water fountain. Then why not have a walk around the hystory-pole decorated with reliefs that was set up in 1975 on the 900th annivesary of the event when Hajduszoboszlo was mentioned in writing for the first time! Find Bocskai (famous Hungarian nobleman from the second part of the 16th century) and his soldiers the "hajdu"-s. Our town, Hajduszoboszlo was named after them...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spa and Wellness in Aqua Palace Hajduszoboszlo

The wellness section on the first floor of the Aqua Palace is a real paradise. It offers a wide range of services where the guests are treated like a king. You can find peace, indulgence and relaxation.
The lovers of sauna are waited by a whole world: 3 Finnish saunas, 2 infra suanas, 2 steam cabins, plunge pools and a Kneipp pool. On the second floor there is an additional Finnish sauna and an outdoors plunge pool. And if you are in for sunbathing, there are huge terraces to enjoy the shine.

In Hungary we have mixed-gender saunas and we wear swimming costumes in them.

In the Finnish sauna the air is 70-100 C. It heats the body and has a lot of health benefits. It helps your blood flow and improves the immune response which makes you less vulnerable to cold - which is very useful in such weather! It also releives muscular tension and pain, and makes your skin cleaner. Also it's great fun!

If you can't bear heat the infra sauna is the good choice for you. The temperature of the air in the infra sauna doesn't go over 50C . In this type of sauna, which can be up to 300 percent more effective than traditional ones, even those having heart problems can enjoy the beneficial effects.

These special services are not included in the entrance ticket. Check the prices in the pricelist

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The pools of the thematic bath one by one in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace - part 2

The Ganges bath with a temperature of 32-34°C
This scene aims to give you an insight into hinduism and its culture by presenting a tiny slice from it. The River Ganges comes from the snow covered peaks of the Himalayas and it crosses the whole Indian Peninsula. Mother Gange the half-godess wearing a white crown represents one of the most sacred rivers in India. Along the bank of the River Ganges there are plenty of holy towns which are visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

Tropical pool with a temperature of 32-34 °C

This is one of the biggest thematic pools in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace. It offers a special and superb relaxing experience to all. There are slides for small and big alike. The biggest slide is only for those who can swim safely and are over 1,2 m as you splash in the tropical pool.

The cave-bath (34-36°C) invites the visitors to an undreground journey. This unique scene makes you feel like being in a cave full of stalactitles. It is great to see all these karst formations and enjoy the warmth of the thermal water at the same time!

And if you don't mind a bit colder water try the Icecave bath (25-27°C). Just like the other scenes it presents an extremely interesting part of our world, Planet Earth. Not many of us has got as far as the Arctic, so now it is a good chance to have a closer look at the wonders of the realm of the eternal ice or the glaciers. It is real treat to enjoy the cool air of this cave on a hot sunny day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The pools of the thematic bath one by one in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace - part 1

Pávai thermal bath with a temperature of 34-36°C

This beautifully decorated pool was named after Ferenc Pávai, the geologist who found the thermal spring almost one hundred years ago. It was the time when the Hajduszoboszlo-story started. From some holes in the ground filled by the medical water the Hajduszoboszlo spa has grown into a bathing experience complex which is well-known all over the continent among the lovers of bathing.

The cinema pool with a temperature of 34-36°C
This special thematic pool was planned for those couch-potatoes who cannot imagine even an hour without their beloved screen. You can enjoy the beneficial effects of the thermal water while watching your favourite programme on Tv. The screens set on the sides of the pool offer an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

The Roman bath with a temperature of 32-34°C
Be part of the time travel and go back to the glorious days of the Roman Empire. Experince the feelings the Roman citizents could have had in the original Roman Baths.
This pool is recommended for those preferring silence and peace.

Sea-paradise pool with a temperature of 32-34°CThis pool was designed to show the underwater beauty of seas and oceans. It was constructed with a great care and attention so that the atmosphere makes the visitor feel like travelling under the surface of a sea. You can swim surrounded by different seawater creatures like medusas and corals. Feels like scuba diving without the worries of running out of oxigen!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Price list - Aqua Palace Hajduszoboszlo

These are the prices for the year 2012 in HUF

Off season prices between 1st Jan and 31st May, and 1st Sept and 31st Dec on WEEKDAYS

Normal prices between 1st June and 31st Aug, EVERY DAY, and WEEKEND and holiday prices for the rest of the year

Adult ticket to the Experience Bath


Student ticket to the Experience Bath (only with student card)



Children ticket (up to 7)



Adult ticket after 6 pm.

2.100,- 2.400,-

Student ticket after 6 pm.



Children ticket after 6 pm.

750,- 900,-

Entrance ticket to the restaurants for the guests of the open air bath and medical bath (can be used up inside)



Special price for guest coming for treatment (medical proof is needed)

2.400,- 2.720,-

Wellness Prices

Type of service:

Lenght of treatment in min. :

Prices is HUF:

Refreshing massage with cream or oil



Refreshing massage wiht cream or oil



Foot reflex massage with cream or oil



Foot reflex massage with cream or oil



Shiatsu massage



Shiatsu massage



Ayurvedic massage wiht oil



Masszage with cream or oil the enhance desire



Massage with cream or oil that enhance desire



Vitalising massage



Vitalising massage



Lava stone massage



Thai massage



Thai massage






Pindasweda(massage with herbs and oil)



Bambus masszázs



Magnetic stress-stopping bed










6’ standing or 10’ laying



12’standing or 20’ laying


Sauna world

all day


Exlusive services

Type of service:


Prices in HUF:

Private bathing unit (max. 6 people) on weekdays

2,5 hours


Private bathing unit - at weekend

2,5 hours


Relax-room (for 2) on weekdays

2,5 hours


Relax-room (for 2) at weekend

2,5 hours


Relax-room (for 2) on weekdays

5 hours


Relax-room (for 2) at weekend

5 hours


Programmes for babies

Type of service:

Length in minutes :

Prices in HUF:

Baby swimming



Baba swimming - 3 times



Baba swimming 5 times



Baba massage



Baba massage 3 times



Baba massage 5 times



Sporting and fittnes in the Surf-building

Type of service:

Length in minutes:

Prices in HUF:

standing surf /person



Squash/between 10-15 oclock Monday-Thursday (unless it is a holiday)



Squash/between 15-21 oclock Monday-Thursday (unless it is a holiday)



Squash/ Friday-Sunday, holidays






Joga 10 times



Kangoo in own shoes



Kangoo 10 times in own shoes



Kangoo with shoes



Kangoo 10 times with shoes






Spinning 10 times






Aerobic 10 times






Pilates 10 times



Fitness for kids



Fitness for kinds 10 times





Gym 10 times


Table tennis

1 óra



100,- /partida


100,- /partida







Racket to rent (squash)


Racket to rent (table tennis)


Deposit (squash)


Deposit (ping-pong)


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Programmes in November in Hajduszoboszlo

Here again I have collected some cultural programmes for you in November in and around Hajduszoboszlo:

11-12 Nov, 2011 Hajduszoboszlo - Fesztivál tér
Goose Fest with New Wine on Marton's Day

This is the first time Hajduszoboszlo is organising this gastronomical event to remember old times traditions. Some of the programmes:
  • The tradition of Marton's Day goose-tor (tor is a special celebrational event of killing an animal to eat it)
  • Folk songs at lunchtime
  • Goose-chasing contest
  • Talking about New Wine by a wine-master
  • Shows and plays for children
  • Goose beauty contest...
  • ... and many more

19 Nov, 2011 - Debrecen

Crazy for Jazz?? This is the programme for you.
The Hot Jazz Band has just finished its new album Hallo! Hallo! with songs from the 20's, 30's and 40's about telephones.
The concert starts at 7 pm in Kölcsei Központ Debrecen.
Tickets can be bought in Tourinform Office Hajduszoboszlo at the price of 2900 HUF.

26 Nov, 2011 - Hortobágy
Advent for Shepherds - Celebration of driving the cattle back from the fields.

During the summer and later until the first snow arrives the cattle and the sheperds are outdoors on the pasture-fields. They are driven back to the stalles where they spend the winter and it is the time for the shepherds to account for the growth. It is done with the help of a tally. In spring when the cattle leave the stalles the number of the animals is notched on the tally then it is cut into two - one part goes with the shepherd the other remains with the owner.
When at the end of November the animals return the tally helps the owner and the shepherd to compare the number.

You can be part of the programme and the fire that follows in the evening on the Market Place, Hortobágy. More info can be asked from Hortobágy Nonprofit Ldt at 06/52 589110

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treats in store for the children in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace

Don't get hindered if there are small children in the family. The Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace pays special attention to families. In the Childrens' World the pools are constucted so that children can play safely and freely - together with parents. Slides and lifelike animal figures make the this world more interesting.

For the sake of security and convenience the pools are suitable for all ages. So even the smallest ones can have fun together with their parents. There are swimming lessons for babies held by qualified instructors who help the tiny ones to get used to water and get aquainted with the basics of swimming. Or you can choose the baby-massage for your beloved one to make the day perfect.

There is also a separate room for Mummies with small babies to change the nappies and to brest-feed the little ones if they get hungry while playing. And for the bigger ones there is a well-equipped playhouse and activity room to have some other kind of fun after swimming and jumping and splashing in the pools.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Sauna programme in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace

On 21-23 October 2011. it is Sauna weekend in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace.

It is the semi -finals of the II. Sauna Séance Oscar so there is a 50% discount on the entrance tickets to the Sauna World in the Aqua-Palace. The attendance of the semi-finals is free of charge for the guest of the Sauna World.

The nationwide competition is open to everybody interested. The competing sauna-masters will be scored by the participating guests on a scale of 1-10 points.

What happens during a Séance?

Sauna Séance evokes the spirit of good being and atmosphere in the dry and steam sauna.

During the Séance the sauna-master is inside sauna together with the guests and gradually heats the cabin by pouring aromatic liquid on the stove. This way he guarantees that the guests step by step get used to the heat. The master by moving the hot air around each guest with the help of his flag and towel tries to ensure individual ventilation for each person.

Moreover he answers all the questions the guests might have about using the sauna and he also supervises the cabin and makes sure that everybody keeps the rules of right and hygienic sauna-usage.

A Sauna Séance is different from a traditional sauna-experience because thanks to the sauna-master who during the séance tells jokes and starts interesting chants, the good mood is sure. The effects of the consecutive programmes are more and more powerful.

Each programme is about 12-15 minutes long, but anyone feeling that it is enough can leave the cabin without hesitating. The programmes are followed by cooling, resting and relaxing.

Though the sauna master pays attention if the guests are in a mood for silence or they would prefer some lovely fun and chat this programme is not the best choice for those who are looking for tranquillity.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Try the thematic baths in Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace

On 18th March 2010 at 15.00 the dream of so many people came true: the new unit of Hungarospa - the Aqua Palace was opened, which is the next step towards the little town of Hajduszoboszlo becoming a world- famous bathing town.

In the bathing building of the Aqua-Palace you can find the so called thematic swimming pools, which evoke the atmosphere of old or upcoming times. Everyone can find the place for themselves: people loving actions and happenings and those who prefer relaxing in silent and tranquile surroundings.

I am sure you will find your pool!

You can choose from the tropical bath, the Pávai thermal-bath (named after Dr Pávai Vajna Ferenc, who played and important part in the development of the Hungarian Bathing Culture), the cinema-bath, the Roman-bath, the Ganges-bath, sea-bath, cave-bath and the ice-cave bath.

After having tried all the thematic baths, you can splash in the private pools, where hidden from curious eyes you can spend your time with your friends and family.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Special discount prices in Hajduszoboszlo to celebrate the Hungarian Bathing Culture

Enjoy a subperb day off at half price on 8th October 2011 in Hungarospa Baths in Hajduszoboszlo.

It is the Day of the Celebration of the Hungarian Bathing Culture on 8th October. To make it memorable Hungarospa offers half price entrance to its units: the Medical Bath, the Arpad Swimming Pool and in the buildings of the Aqua-Palace.

You can enjoy the night swimming in Aqua-Palace at half price too, or even have it free! If you buy a one-day ticket, the night swimming is free of charge!

In some Aparments there are special offers and the price of the accomodation incluces a free ticket to the Aqua-Palace.

Don't miss this unique occassion!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hajduszoboszlo Aqua-Palace

Though the weather is still beautiful in Hajduszoboszlo, you might want to try the extraordinary Aqua-Palace. It is the place for the whole family especially in rainy and chilly weather, when the open-air bath is not so enjoyable to visit.

The 15 000-square-meter covered area of Aqua-Palace consists of two buildings, the Bathing Building and the Surf Building.
In the Bathing Building there are four floors. The basement with the changing rooms, the ground floor where you can find the thematic experience pools and the restaurant, the first and second floors with the Sauna World, other special pools of the Children’s World and private bathing possibilities. Also it is the starting point for the slide.
The Surf Building is the Fitness and Wellness centre for the sporty ones. In the basement you can play table tennis, on the ground floor the special surfing pool, the squash , and the bar can be found, and on the first floor you can enjoy the relax room with the Jacuzzi and double bed, take part in the spinning trainings, or in other programmes in the conference room.

It is open all year round, and has a direct connection to other Hungarospa establishments like the Medical Spa, the Open-air Bath and the Aquapark.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A superb offer in Hajduszoboszlo

The very fresh news about the spa in Hajduszoboszlo:
It is still summer in Hajduszoboszlo spa so you can swim in all the 13 pools - including the Mediterrainian seaside and the wave-pool.

And the Aquapark has a superb offer for the lovers of sliding:
According to the forecast the weather will be around 30 C, so this weekend (17th-18th Sept) you can use the Aquapark all day long (10.00-16.00) for the price of a 2-hour ticket!
If you are around somewhere, it is a good programme for the weekend.
Don't miss it!
(I really wish I could go, but unfortunately I have other engagements for this weekend :( )

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark

Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark is an Eden for the lovers of sliding. On the one-hectare area you can find a dozen different slides, which all in all are 1 km long.

The main attraciton is the 12-metre-high starting tower, where you can choose form nine diffeent routes.

If you are in for racing you can go down the four track giant with three of your friends and see who splashes first.

In case you are mad about speed, choose one of the two "kamikaze" slides which are very steep and very fast indeed.

For a longer experience, try the giant spiral slide.

The lazy river is also
a unique adventure, where you can drift in small rubber boats.

The designers had a tought of small children too.

For them there is a whole separate world with their own pool and slides, the water castle and the life-like elefants.

Aquapark is situated in the rear section of the spa. You need an extra ticket to use the above mentioned slide-wonders.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hajduszoboszlo Open-Air-Bath

The bathing town of Hajduszoboszlo is an attractive holiday destination not only for those suffering from medical problems but also for healthy people may they be families with children, groups of teenagers, or adults.

From 1st May to 30th September you can enjoy 13 pools in the 30-hectare land of the Open-Air-Bath.

Some of the pools in Hajduszoboszlo Open-Air-Bath:


Having fun in Hajduszoboszlo Wave-pool


Relaxing in Hajduszoboszlo bubble-bath is a real treat


With its 6200 m2 of surface Hajduszoboszlo Mediterranian Seaside is Europe's biggest constucted pool. The sandy beaches and the palm trees make you feel on a real seaside.

Be careful! The pirates are launching an attack on the unsuspecting swimmers


The children enjoy playing with the toy animals situated in the pools

At the rear of the Open-Air-Bath there is a separated island for nudists.

...but of that I'm not going to show you any pictures... :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Medical Spa - the medical effects of the water

In 1925 during a drilling for oil thermal water was found in Hajduszoboszlo, which soon turned out to have benficial effects. People bathing in the water found that their rheumatic problems eased or disappeared, and their wounds healed more quickly and easily.
Soon the medical effects of the water were scientifically proved and the healing work started in Hajduszoboszlo.
By now we have learnt that the water has positive effects in the following cases:

  • Acute muscle pains
  • Rehabilitation from injures
  • Chronic joint inflammation
  • Degenerative joint problems
  • Acute inflammatory degenerative problems of spine
  • Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system
  • Follow - up treatment from any paralyses.
  • Healing broken bones
  • Acute skin problems
  • Chronic gynaecological problems
  • Infertility
But you shouldn't get treated here if you suffer from any of the below problems:
  • Cancer
  • Epidemy
  • Inflammatory deseased
  • Tuberculosis
  • Circulatory disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Illness of the central nervous system
  • or you are preagnant.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to get to Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo, in the north-east part of the Great Hungarian Plain is easily accessible by car, train, coach and even by air.

It lies by Road 4 so if you come by car or a tourist bus one possibility is to follow Route 4/E60. If you choose this direction it takes about 3 hours to get to Hajduszoboszlo from Budapest. You might want to spend less time travelling, take the M3 and then after about 180 kms look for the signs for Debrecen and turn onto E79/M35. Though this way is about 30 kms longer, you can reach your destination 30 minutes earlier. And don't forget about the toll!

View Larger Map Budapest - Hajduszoboszlo

If you come by train, take the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony line. All the express trains stop at Hajduszoboszlo. There are 6 intercity trains and 2 international ones. During the summer there is a direct connection to Lake Balaton. If you are in to details you can find the exact timetables of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) here.

If you come from further abroad you might come by air. Maybe you will arrive at Liszt Ferenc Airport Budapest, or Debrecen Airport. Hajduszoboszlo even has its own airport where small planes can land.

Debrecen Airport

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cultural programmes in Hajduszoboszlo

In this post I want to call your attention to a very famous event around Hajduszoboszlo in August:

The week of flowers - Flower Carnival in Debrecen 2011

The town of Debrecen is only a half-an-hour-drive from Hajduszoboszlo.If you are having your holiday between 15th and 21th August don't miss the chance to visit this popular parade.

The Flower Carnival has a history of over one hundred years. In 1900 the Debreczen Civil Bicycle Association organised a bicycle competition the highlight of which was a large-scale flower corso. Since 1966 the event has taken place yearly. Now the carnival is a spectacular event with beautiful flower cars and dance groups coming from Debrecen, her sister cities and other countries as well.
Apart from the parade of the flower compositions and performers there will be lots to see including:
Flower arrangement competition, Clean Yard - Tidy House – Award Ceremony, Debrecen Youth Orchestra and Majorette Group, Childen’s programmes, Folk dance with 650 dancers, Carnival hair-show, Knights’ tournament, Festival Garden, Cuban salsa show,Charity Noodle Festival for the Feeding Kids Foundation, Raising the national flag with military saluting, Bike marching, Firework, Street party, Photo exhibition, Cactus exhibition and fair, Car and Motorshow, Hot Air Balloon Competition etc.
For more details check out

The Flower Carnival groups come to Hajduszoboszlo on 18th August. You can see them at the Community Centre from 19.00.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sporting programmes for you

Here I have collected some August programmes in Hajduszoboszlo that might be interesting for you:


Time: 8.00-12.00 27th Aug 2011
Venue: Airport Hajduszoboszlo

The aim of this traditional event is to make it possible for the locals and the tourist having their summer holday in the town to do some sport and to compete.
If you are interested you can enter as an idividual, as a group or family, you can be an amateur or a professional runner.
The event is organized by the Town Council, so you can enter the competition in the Town Hall (1 Hősök tere, Hajduszoboszlo) in Room 25. The deadline is noon 26th. Other options for entering:, 36+ 52/557301 (telefeax)
There is a fee of entering (HUF 500 for adult, HUF 300for students) which is payable at the time of the competition. If you enter immediately before the event double price is charged.

Prizes: entrance tickets to the Aquapark and spa, goblets, medals and others.


Time: 8.00 - 20th August 2011
Venue: Sports Hall - Kossuth utca, Hajduszoboszlo

The contact person f torhis event is Kelemen József at 36+ 30/9952440

The championship is free of charge. Gym shoes are needed.


Time: 25-27th August, 2011
Venue: Spa - 1-3 Szent István Park, Hajduszoboszlo

The 3-day long boxing event is organised by Hajduszoboszlo Papp Laszlo Boxingacademy to pay tribute to the famous Hungarian sportsman, Papp László.
Three years ago there was an appointment for teams from Hungary and England. Last year there were competitors from six countries.
This year the Memorials is to be visited by the family of the late Papp László, olimpicons, ex-boxing champions and other public figures.

The boxing championship is organized to pay tribute to the famous Hungarian sportsman, Papp László.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Programmes in August

The bathing town of Hajduszoboszlo is waiting for you and your family in the last month of the summer, too. Make Hajduszoboszlo your destination. Come, have a great time and see one of our superb programmes.

Sporting events in August:

  • Table tennis championship (Gönczy Pál Elementary School - whole month, finals on 20th Aug)

  • Outdoors five-a-side football championship (Thököly Imre ElementaryShool-whole month, finals on 20th Aug)

  • XXX. Kösely Cup Horse Race (7th Aug, Airport)

  • 2nd Papp László International Memorial Boxing Contest (25-27th Aug, Spa)

  • International open foottennis championship (27-28th Aug, parking lot in front of Árpád Swimming Pool)

  • Aquarunning - Aquapark foot-race (27th Aug, Airport)

Cultural events:

  • 15th Szoboszlo Dixieland Days (5-7tj Aug, Openair Stage)

  • Horse Parade (18.30 6th Aug, from Bocskai utca to Pávai Vajna utca)

  • Flower Carnival in Debrecen (15-21th Aug, Debrecen)

  • Flower Carnival groups come to Hajduszoboszlo (19.00 18th Aug, Community Centre)

  • concerts:

  • Dobrády Ákos (20.30 12th Aug, Openair Stage)

  • PG Csoport (20.30 18th Aug, 9 József Attila utca - Openair Stage)

  • Republic (20.30 19th Aug, Spa)

  • Folk songs (20.00 21th Aug, 9 József Attila utca - Openair Stage)

  • Fásy Mulató (19.00 27th Aug, Fesztivál tér, 1-3 Szent István Park

St Stepehn's day 20th of August - Town celebration of the nation founder Stephen I. and the new bread

This day is a bank holiday in Hungary, because the foundation of the 1000-year-old Hungarian state is celebrated.
All over the country there are programmes. The shops are closed, buses, trains etc run by the weekend timetable.
In Hajduszoboszlo the celebration programmes take place on and around the Openair Stage.