Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark

Hajduszoboszlo Aquapark is an Eden for the lovers of sliding. On the one-hectare area you can find a dozen different slides, which all in all are 1 km long.

The main attraciton is the 12-metre-high starting tower, where you can choose form nine diffeent routes.

If you are in for racing you can go down the four track giant with three of your friends and see who splashes first.

In case you are mad about speed, choose one of the two "kamikaze" slides which are very steep and very fast indeed.

For a longer experience, try the giant spiral slide.

The lazy river is also
a unique adventure, where you can drift in small rubber boats.

The designers had a tought of small children too.

For them there is a whole separate world with their own pool and slides, the water castle and the life-like elefants.

Aquapark is situated in the rear section of the spa. You need an extra ticket to use the above mentioned slide-wonders.

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